Actionable Insights

Insights for informed urban innovation

Better understand the measures to take in order to shape the development and behaviour of smart cities. Ki. generates actionable insights, derived from the raw data generated by Ki. nodes which are applied to streetlights. The data is fed to a secure cloud based data store for evaluation and analysis. Once the Ki. platform has interrogated this data you can gain insight into the characteristics of your street lighting scheme and act upon the information accordingly.

Ki. is able to configure multiple data-sets to help you gain deep understanding into the way your city should evolve and the factors that may be hindering its agility. The actionable insights Ki. generates are based on the dynamic features of your city and the unique data sets derived from its assets.

Pin-point and solve challenges on the street

Ki. is constantly transmitting and receiving data to and from connected points within its ecosystem. This canĀ encompassĀ a wide range of information, from luminaire performance right through to the integrity of the lamppost itself, which is communicated via the Ki. platform to provide live updates of the smart city landscape.

Thanks to the fault reporting dashboard, you are able to assess any immediate issues that may affect the way citizens interact with the city and plan maintenance accordingly, in a timely and effective manner. Here’s how Ki. can pin-point and solve challenges on the street…



Actionable Insight:

Ki. has been able to assist users in diagnosing live problems on the street, with valuable information that has aided their quick resolution. A recent case identified that a column was not upright, which was communicated via the streetlight’s integrated tilt sensor and highlighted on the fault reporting dashboard. This actionable insight allowed the Local Authority to identify the location of the lamppost, to aid the provision of maintenance teams for further investigation.

The column had been hit by a truck that same morning, which caused it to tilt and obstruct traffic, as well as potentially become a safety hazard for the public. Thanks to Ki. the Local Authority was able to investigate and repair the lamppost almost immediately, responding to the issue before it caused inconvenience and further harm to the public.

Identify system faults and plan course of action

Ki. is able to monitor the performance of all connected points within its ecosystem and report their status on the Ki. platform. This can be provided over a number of timescales and locations, to help identify exactly where and how a scheme might be under performing.

Thanks to the fault reporting dashboard, you are able to assess any live faults that may affect the performance of assets in your scheme and diagnose their cause, before they have an impact on the community. Here’s how Ki. can identify system faults and help you plan a course of action…


Actionable Insight:

Ki. has recently helped a Local Authority identify significant voltage drops on their system, with live reports that notified them of specific assets that were affected. The fault reporting dashboard flagged a series of four street lighting columns that were under performing, which were further located using the interactive map on the Ki. platform.

This actionable insight helped the Local Authority plan for maintenance teams to further investigate the fault, which was identified and attributed to the supporting power distribution pillar. The cause, a component issue, was found and resolved with the installation of new components to ensure streetlights performed as required.